(A Waste of) Words

  • The End of Writing

    »Before we all get sucked into that black hole, let’s remember the idea of human language. Language connects us. […] Language is a bridge.

    If we disconnect one side of the bridge, the bridge falls. If one listener or speaker, writer, or reader stops feeling what is said, the bridge crumbles.«


  • Textpattern and Composer

    In the wake of Flarum going all-in with composer for its Beta 3 release I have revisited Jukka’s work for a Composer-based environment for Textpattern plugins. This work revolves around the Textpattern Installer for Composer.
    A collection of thoughts about to which extents Textpattern might benefit from adopting Composer natively can be found here.


  • Who is U2? Why is their album on my phone?

    See what happens when you force-feed a band of 50-somethings to the kids these days.

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